Target Market
Coherent Optical Networks
The System-on-Chips (SoCs) developed by ClariPhy Argentina have immense application and advantages in the optical networking market. Our product designs anticipate market needs on transmission rate, wich has already climbed up to 40/100 Gbps, with medium-term projections up to 400Gbps, and following an exponential growth.

In addition to complying with the exponential growth of the transmission rate, the most notable trends for this market are: integration into existing networks, preserving the fidelity of data transmission over long distances, and low-power solutions.

ClariPhy Argentina's SoCs features (40G/100G, coherent detection, 28nm CMOS) successfully answer each of the requirements, bringing the error rate very low levels, with a low-power design and easy-plugable to current networks.
Product line and applications
By using ClariPhy Argentina products, the users of our developments can optimize the fiber capacity for each of the areas of application of this technology: from applications that require very long distance transmission both underground or submarine, metropolitan networks through intermediate distances, and to datacenters, which represent bounded distances.

The versatility of our developments can adresses each of the different segments of interest requirements such as Operators, OEMs, Datacenter, Consumers, Traffic Managers.
ClariPhy Argentina solutions
ClariPhy simplifies the process of product development by 2 different strategies:
By the development of high-performance ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product), capable to overcome most demanding industry requirements.
By taking our customer’s conceptual ideas and turning them into production products using our SoC design methodology. ClariPhy Argentina utilizes industry standard EDA tools and common design flow methodologies to seamlessly integrate our customer’s IP into a high performance SoC solution.
The transmission protocols speed doubles every 2-4 years; however it is still a bottleneck for communications.

Clariphy Argentina S.A. offers important advantages in applications where the bandwidth of the communication channel is limited.
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