ClariPhy is developing Integrated Circuits for Communications which allow to increase speed, performance and the range of the existing networks in enterprises and datacenters.

With Clariphy´s technology, apart from multiplying 10 times the bandwidth on the pre-existing network infrastructure, the IT departments will reach more ports density and lower port costs..

Clariphy´s state-of-the-art integrated circuits allow switches, servers and storage providers to offer a new generation of products to their customers.

ClariPhy´s achievements in Integrated Circuits for Communications include:

The first industry solution in Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) which solves not only the strict cost, power and range requirements but also the requirements related to enterprise network latency.
A key development in analog design, which allows digital up to 100 Gbit/s signal processing while complying with the dissipated power requirements.
A high-performance, low-consumption digital processor with a feed-forward equalizer (FFE) and a maximum- likelihood sequence detector (MLSD).
+ Coherent detection technology maximizes optical channel information recovery through an algorithm which improves receiver sensitivity by compensating for optical dispersion using signals proportional to the optical field and employing digital carrier recovery techniques. All the parameters (amplitude, phase and frequency) of the transmitted signals are detected and converted into digital stream; then an embedded DSP (Digital Signal Processor) manipulates the signal through mathematical algorithms, fixes disturbances added by the channel and finally retrieves information.
Implementation in the standard CMOS process technology, with the following advantages:

Economies of scales

Integration and density

Cost and power lowering according to Moore's Law
The information technology departments of the companies who are the fortune magazine´s top 100 are facing an exponential increase in the amount of information that they have to process, transfer and store.

The capacity they develop to take advantage of the breakthroughs related to high-speed technological networks is essential to keep a competitive advantage.
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